Target Structural was awarded bfa Provisional Membership in 2017, showing our commitment to upholding the highest possible principles in UK franchising.

During the creation of the Target Structural franchise, we were very keen to ensure that we made a franchise that we would want to take on as a franchisee, and while potential profits are a large part of franchising, we also wanted to ensure that we provided the highest possible principles in our franchise to ensure that all of our franchisees are treated equally and fairly both in our franchise and across the rest of the industry.

It followed then that becoming accredited with the bfa - the authority on franchising in the UK - was very high on our list of priorities. When our first pilot licensees were launched in 2014 the agreement at that stage was drafted by a bfa-approved lawyer and we worked alongside our licensees to ensure that the paperwork for the franchise was something that was both feasible for them and as a franchise model that would ultimately become approved by the bfa.

In 2017, with the launch of the franchise, Target Structural became a bfa Provisional Member, ensuring that its first franchisees were able to see our commitment to uphold the highest possible principles in UK franchising.

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The bfa (British Franchise Association) was set up in 1977 and acts as the voice of ethical franchising in the UK. The franchise industry has grown significantly over the past 30 years and the bfa’s role remains to ensure that it retains its ethical image, commitment to best practice and robustness – even in the toughest of economic climates.