For individuals with the credentials to make it work, owning a franchise is a great way to take control of a business whilst avoiding many of the risks associated with starting on your own. We licensed our first branches in 2014 and are aiming to fully franchise our operations by 2025.


How our franchise works

Franchising is a two-way relationship; we commit our business model and resources to help you grow your business, and you commit your drive, determination and local knowledge to help us grow the franchise for everyone.

Our commitment to you

  • We provide you with the assets to enable you to trade under the highly respected Target Structural brand
  • We provide diverse "Head Office" staff who will help you run your business
  • You receive an exclusive geographical location in which you are the only Target Structural franchisee
  • We will heavily vet all franchisees to ensure that only the best candidates represent our brand

Your commitment to us

  • You provide your drive, determination and local knowledge to grow Target Structural
  • You ensure that the values of the Target Structural brand are upheld at all times
  • You provide a percentage of your turnover to help grow the franchise - for the benefit of everyone

Become your own boss

If you've ever considered taking the leap into starting your own business, but are concerned about going it alone, then a Target Structural franchise could be perfect for you.

There are inherent risks with starting any new business; however, you can take comfort in the knowledge that franchise businesses are less likely to fail than other SMEs and the fact that our proven business model already has a number of successful licensees working under the Target Structural brand.

You retain 100% ownership of your company at all times. And, unlike if you set up on your own and suddenly become incapacitated, your business can be run on your behalf, and you retain all of the profits! This offers far more security to both you and your family.

With a Target Structural franchise, you set your own goals, your own long-term plans and the speed at which you grow your business. You will be backed up by our support network which will help you run every aspect of your business. Best of all, there is always another franchisee that has "been there, done that" and will be willing to share that experience!


Initial Investment

We are as transparent as possible with the fees for our franchise and if you have any questions, please get in touch!

The total cost of a Target Structural franchise is approximately £40,000. This splits out as follows:

  • £20,000 is the franchise fee, which covers:
    • Use of the Target Structural system and marks in a franchisee-exclusive territory for a 5-year term;
    • Your initial training covering both business and technical, to ensure that you are comfortable in the day to day operation of your business; and
    • Initial marketing to launch your franchise and working with you to develop your marketing strategy.
  • £20,000 is your estimated* business start-up cost, which covers:
    • Purchase of equipment, product and tooling to start becoming a franchisee and;
    • Capital to ensure that your bank balance remains positive during the start up period.

* Your business start-up costs depend on the business plan that you draw up before your investment as a franchisee. For example, our sample cash flows (built from real-life examples) factor in you taking a salary from your business from the beginning. You may decide against this, potentially lowering your start-up costs.

While we can provide guidance on your business cash-flows from our experience in the market, all Target Structural franchisees are expected to produce a business plan with their own costs and revenues.