Unlike many careers in the construction industry, we don't expect our franchisees to spend every day on site carrying out work. As such, no two days are ever the same as a Target Structural franchisee!


On Site

The primary income for a franchisee is carrying out work on a variety of structures. This may be:

  • Installing a supporting base for a canal path using the Heli Pile;
  • Fixing a bowing wall on a historical monument using Bow Flex;
  • Replacing wall ties on a tower block using Retro Flex;
  • Repairing cracks on a housing association property using Bar Flex; or
  • Groundworks for a new extension on a mid-terrace using Heli Pile

Off Site

It is absolutely imperative that franchisees spend time working away from site. This may be:

  • Attending marketing events with colleagues from Target Fixings;
  • Networking with local professionals such as engineers and surveyors;
  • Responding to customer enquiries received either directly or through Head Office;
  • Specifying solutions for interesting structural problems; or
  • Planning site work using Target's proprietary software

With the expected margins on each job, we would not expect franchisees to work on site every day and then spend their free time doing paperwork! We believe that it is very important to strike a good work/life balance, although as with any business - the more time you put in, the more reward you can hope to receive!