There are many reasons to become a Target Structural franchisee. As well as comprehensive training and strong branding, we look after all of our franchisees.

We recognise that franchisees come from a range of backgrounds, and our model is flexible enough to accommodate this range - from people looking to leave their day-to-day work behind with a view to starting their first business, to serial businesspeople who interested in investing in an industry that is completely new to them!

Target Structural is not just "another" company in the building industry, we specialise in structural repair with the combined knowledge of a manufacturer and experience of an installer. As a franchise, we believe in maintaining traditional local buildings which can benefit from innovative structural solutions. Above all else we value of good quality workmanship! We hope homeowners never require our services but when our customers need us we provide a strong knowledge base to calm many concerns and provide solutions to their structural problem.

Become your own boss

Perhaps you have spent your career working on building sites and have worked your way up to becoming a highly proficient site supervisor or site manager. With a Target Structural franchise you can start your own business in the industry and reap all of the rewards with the backing and support of a highly successful franchisor.

Increase your margins

In the construction industry, it is generally accepted how difficult it is to make a good profit because of competition driving down prices. By entering the market with an established, specialised business, Target Structural franchisees have bucked this trend, regularly earning good profits in line with their efforts.

Enter a new industry

We all pass hundreds - if not thousands - of structures every day. In the course of Target Structural work you will visit parts of buildings that people rarely get to see, learn about how buildings are made (what size is a brick?!) and take pride in restoring many of the UK's much loved historical buildings.

Something different every day

A Target Structural franchise is a new opportunity every day. You may go from installing Heli Piles at the back of a highly urbanised terraced property one day, to visiting the UK's most prestigious properties with some of the country's most highly respected engineers the next.

Work from home

With no shop or special premises required to run a Target Structural franchise, there is only a small amount of up-front investment... you can work from a home office and a van. Our existing licensees often reduce costs by working from home, with phone calls handled by Head Office!


Target Structural is not just "another" company in the building industry. As a franchisee, you will be responsible for upholding the traditions and values of good quality workmanship, with a strong knowledge and understanding of all elements of building construction, and uphold the reputation of the Target brand.